The Early pregnancy assessment unit at Brunker Road Medical Centre provides women in early pregnancy with unique services including specialist consultation, pregnancy scans, measurement of blood levels of pregnancy hormones and specialist nurse service.


Counselling in relation to investigation results and further management plans are provided on site by our highly qualified team.

Unique Service

Specialist Team

Consultations & Scans are performed by Dr Mohamed Galal, consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology.


Scan reports are provided to women at the end of their consultations and a copy is sent to the referring doctor at the same time.

Blood levels of pregnancy hormones, if required, are performed at Laverty pathology on site, with rapid turn over of results in the same day.

A specialist nurse/midwife is available as part of the team to discuss and answer any questions and address any concerns women might have.

Comprehensive Service

This comprehensive service is designed to provide early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, early miscarriage and confirm the viability of early pregnancy.

It provides clear answers to early pregnancy problems and help to overcome anxieties which may arise as a result.

It has the convenience of being provided by a highly qualified team in one location and in a timely fashion.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit

The early pregnancy assessment unit at Brunker Road Medical Centre

is the only private early pregnancy assessment unit in Newcastle.

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