Antenatal Care

Our Antenatal Care package is well designed and structured to provide you with high quality service and guarnttes you continuity of care throughout your pregnancy

This package includes General pregnacy advice, specialist obstetric care, pregnancy scans, midwifery care and specialised parenting &  child health advice.

Pregnancy Scans

Parenting & Child Health (Pouches)

This includes all the scans required throughout your pregnancy from early viability to morphology and 3rd trimester growth scans. See Details

Assessment for risk of antenatal & postnatal depression as well as bonding, attachment & parenting issues.


Families with specific needs will be offered ongoing support by Pouches on individual basis as required. See Details

Our Parent and Child Health team offer invaluable services in the form of postnatal classes for parenting skills, sleep & settle for babies, feeding advice and baby massage. See Details



Fees & Enquires

You may wish to speak to our friendly staff for any questions in relation to this package. Our midwife/nurse team will be happy to answer your questions.

Delivery Arrangements

Newcastle Private Hospital (NPH)

Women who opt for delivery at NPH as

a private patient will have a booking visit at NPH before 20 weeks and will have their antenatal classes at NPH. Dr Galal will arrange for your delivery with another private specialist.

Public Hospital ( JHH/Maitland)

Women who opt for delivery at a public hospital like JHH or Maitland hospital as a public patient will have a booking visit at their chosen hospital after 20 weeks. You may have another visit towards the end of your pregnancy to be known to the antenatal clinic. Antenatal classes will be at your chosen Hospital.


Pregnancy Care Schedule

  • Booking with specialist at 8-10 weeks

  • First trimester screening at 12 weeks

  • 4th weekly visits until 28 weeks

  • Morphology Scan at 20 weeks

  • Glucose tolerance test at 26-28 weeks

  • 2nd weekly visits from 28-36 weeks

  • Fetal wellbeing scan at 32-36 weeks

  • GBS screening at 34 weeks

  • Weekly visits from 36 weeks til delivery

  • Postnatal visit 6 weeks after delivery

Under this package all your pregnancy visits and scans are covered and will be bulkbilled.

This package is for planning and management of pregnancy under the care of Dr Galal, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and it does not include delivery.

Pregnancy Planning & Management